Gifts in Kind are non-monetary donations of services or goods to the Council. Gifts in Kind can include but are not limited to:

  • Construction, plumbing, or maintenance services
  • Building materials or supplies for various projects
  • Advertising and design services
  • Tires, vehicle and boat oil, or gas or propane (camp vehicles and mowers)
  • Office supplies
  • Food
  • Equipment for activities such as aquatic, shooting, geocaching, various sports, etc.
  • Equipment for facilities maintenance such as hot water tank, mowers and/or blades, tools, etc.

If you would like to make a Gift in Kind, email Gary Decker or call him at 607-742-3590.

special thanks to Corning Incorporated and its employees for generations of support to Scouting

special thanks to the Corning Foundation for its continued support of Scouting through the Employee Matching Gifts and Dollars for Doers Programs 


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