WR Roundtable

WR Roundtable
Williamson High School, 33 Jct Cross Road
Tioga, PA 16946, US
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All new for 2017! The Five Rivers Council invites you to our inaugural Council-wide Membership Kickoff and Popcorn Launch at your regularly scheduled June District Roundtable.

Membership: The Membership session will focus on providing your unit with the tools necessary to have a great fall recruiting season and provide you with the resources to succeed. The session will focus BEST PRACTICES in Using Journey to Excellence, Making and Using a great Recruitment Table and Quality Unit Open Houses.
    Your Unit will receive:

  • 2017-2018 Council Calendar (including District events)
  • 2017 & 2018 JTE Standards
  • Unit Recruitment Guide
  • Examples of the promotional material for next program year

        - School/Event fliers        - Stickers                                - Posters
        - Bookmarks                    - Peer to Peer Recruitment    - Parent Guides
        - Parent Advocate Cards

Popcorn: The Popcorn session will introduce you to the 2017 Popcorn Campaign elements and train you how to use them to maximize your unit’s sale. The session will focus on best practices to help grow your sale including: How to Conduct a Successful Unit Kickoff, Ways to Improve your Show and Sell Sale, and How to Use Credit Cards to Grow Your Sale.
    Your Unit will Receive:

  • 2017 Popcorn Leaders Guide
  • 2017 Popcorn and Prize Order Form Samples
  • Unit Kickoff Powerpoint Presentation
  • For more information Click Here

Incentive: By having your Unit attend both the Popcorn and Membership Sessions at the Membership Kickoff and Popcorn Launch you will receive an additional 2% commission on your Popcorn Sale. Please note that the sessions will run at the same time so you will need to send 2 representatives to the event. You can also earn an additional 1% commission on your Popcorn Sale by having someone from your Unit attend your District’s Annual Back to Scouting Kickoff in August.

For Questions regarding the membership event: joinfrcbsa@gmail.com

For questions regarding popcorn training contact your District Professional

special thanks to Corning Incorporated and its employees for generations of support to Scouting

special thanks to the Corning Foundation for its continued support of Scouting through the Employee Matching Gifts and Dollars for Doers Programs 


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