Double Knot Administrator Notes

This area is intended for members of the Five Rivers Council who have administrator access on the Double Knot system. This area provides notes and suggestions dealing primarily with the creation and management of events. As the use of the online registration and calendar grows we need some uniformity. The notes below are to aid in that.

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Site Maintenance & Events

If you're unsure on how to do anything, DK has an extensive help topic library. This is accessible from the Council web site after you have logged on. You can also email any questions by clicking here.

There are many things we can do with this system to make it easier on the user and the event chair. Generally, they just need to be informed. We do not create events. The event chair and their committee does. We just build the event off of their form.



  • Take into consideration how the title of the event will display on the calendar. If you make it too long it will cut parts of it off. Abbreviate when possible and with what makes sense to all (IW = Indian Waters)

Description Field

  • Copy and paste the brochure/flier into this area. The user should not have to download anything to understand the event.


  • When creating a hyperlink, remember to recolor it. It looks like a hyperlink color in the build area but only displays as black underline when posted. Common hyperlink color is blue.

  • When hyperlink to email, remember to include a subject line relevant to the topic. This way you can tell the person what to expect.

  • Include a link at the bottom of all events to the Log On and Support page

Color coding

  • Color code each event using this guide.


Same event from last year

  • You can copy a previous event and update relevant information. This will save you from recreating everything. Forms, links, all of it will import.

Log On Prompt

  • Always set this for Create Log on or Log in to existing. We need this in case there are issues.

Modifying Registrations

  • Allow this until the end of registration. If you don't and the user needs to add or delete people, we have to do it. If modifying is on, they can do it.

Category & Upsell

  • Please fill in these areas. This allows for easier searching by us and promotions at check out for the user.

  • Upsell is what should be promoted on checkout.


  • This should always be Online and Pay by Mail. This offers the most options and convenience to our Scouters. If an event chair only wants one, caution them on the restrictive nature of the request.


  • Assign the correct account to the event. This makes it easier on the accountant. If you don't see your event listed email me the event name and I will get it set up.

Reoccurring Events

  • Use reoccurring event for things like Roundtable and District Committee. If you set it up initially you can edit each event to include information about that particular meeting (ie roundtable theme). This is good to help increase attendance.

  • Use care and what is put on the calendar. Events on the calendar should be things that are for anyone to attend, like Roundtable. If it's not for all, why advertise it on the calendar, like a Key 3 meeting. If you're not sure ask the event host.


  • Use Forms as needed. There should never be anything asked on the paper form that is not on the online form. Ask if you need help setting this up.

  • Use Existing forms when possible. We don't need multiple forms that ask the same thing

  • Forms can be used to sell things (ie Food, patches, shirts)

Document Library

  • Use titles that make sense to the user and event. You can change the title on upload.

  • When possible replace a document as opposed to creating a new. This way you do not need to make a new link if you copied the event. The link would still be valid and we do not need the old form anyway. If you do put a year in the title. Replace and then retitle, the link should stay the same. Example IW Camporee Flier (replace 2017 with 2018)

Site Maintenance and Events


  • When building an event, put a link on the relevant site (ie Mega Weekend on Training Page)

  • Check your sites periodically for relevance and need of updates

  • If your area has a contact section, like the Districts, try to include Position, Name and at least a hyperlink for email contact. Definitely review the District page after the District vote (usually after the Dinner). A member of the Key 3 can provide updated information.




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