Leader Log On and Event Registration Support


This page is for use to log on to an existing account (Personal or Unit).

Click here to Log On to your account: Members Only / Logon

From here you can:

  • View all registered activities
  • Modify registrations (if allowed): Change names, number attending, etc
  • Make payments
  • Make changes to your account


We strongly encourage that you have an account for Personal use and one for Unit use.

We strongly encourage that your unit have its own email account to be passed on to the next leader.

This would be the email used to set up the Unit Account.


The Unit account should have shared access with other users in your unit.

  • Whoever registers your unit for events
  • Whoever pays for the registration
  • Whoever signs the Scouts up for merit badges

     To share or remove access, click here and provide the following:

  • Unit name (ie Troop 123)
  • Who you want to have access.
    • Have they already set up an account? Provide either email or log in ID
    • Do they need an account set up? Provide Name, email and phone



Can you tell me my user ID/Password?

We can tell you your User ID, but not password. We can reset and send you a temporary one.

You can also do this yourself from the log on page, under the Need Help section of the screen

My unit says they already registered for Summer Camp, but I don't see it to make a payment.

Have the person who made the account email us and we can add you to the account. (see link above)

How do we add/remove people from a completed registration?

Log into your account first and see if you make changes to the registration. If not..

Email us or contact the event chair, this is generally listed on the registration page.

Why should I have a Unit Account?

As you enter adult and Scouts in on a registration, the system will remember them for next time.

If your unit uses only one account for this it will make registration go that much faster for you.


If you are unable to attend, click here to view the Council refund policy for events or click here to download the information

*Payments Online*

Can we make payments using different (multiple) credit cards?

Yes. When making a payment enter the payment method and select the OTHER (Amount) selection and put in how much you want to pay using that payment type. Repeat until the balance is paid.

Credit Card Issue

Unit payments can be big. Before making your payment check with your bank to make sure there is no daily max. Many credit/debit cards have a $1500-2000 daily limit. This is usually temporarily fixed by calling your bank and letting them know what you are doing and they will give a 24 hr increased limit.

Checks Online

The online payment system will take electronic checks. This is accomplished by selecting the option labeled ECHECK. You will then fill in the information found on the bottom of your checks. While the online registration system will accept electronic checks, your bank may not. Strongly recommend to check with your bank to make sure they accept funds being pulled by electronic check.

Summer Camp

Why should I do this online, can't I just go to the Scout Shop and have them do this?

  • Going online and entering the information yourself (Names, Merit Badges and Payment) ensures that it is done timely and accurately.
  • The more hands involved the more potential for mistakes.
  • The operation of the store (sales) is the primary function of the staff working there. If you bring in your paperwork for us to enter, you will have to wait for each and every customer, as they are the priority. If you leave or just leave your paperwork it will be mailed back to you. You must wait with the staff to answer any questions they have, unless they direct you otherwise.
  • Merit Badge signup by Council staff or volunteers will not be done until several days after it goes online, regardless of when you gave it to us.


Video Tutorials


Account Profile - Video tutorial on how to manage your event registration account



Create Account & Register - Video tutorial on how to create a account and register for an event


Reserve a Block - Video tutorial on how to create a reservation for Summer Camp


MB Sign Up - Video tutorial on how to manage your Summer Camp registration and enroll for Merit Badges

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